The era of real-time politics

RAvi singh

Raise your voice and kickstart your social media

by learning from @realDonalTrump tweets.
Twitterism - The era of real-time politics

Message. Engage. Repeat.

Today’s leaders use a variety of online marketing tactics to be successful. This book will be one of the largest scientific studies of how Donald Trump tweets looking at his tone, sentiment, lingo, and pulse of his voice.

Part One

You Will Never Believe Me
Practitioner to Academia
Social Media can be a Weapon
Disruption Innovation in Politics

Part TWO

Defining Twitterism
Digital Rhetoric Theory
Social Presence Theory
Distributed Leadership Theory


Trump's Personas
Trump's Tweets
Trump's Growth
Trump's Audience

Part FOur

Social Media Tone
Social Media Sentiment
Social Media Lingo
Social Media Pulse

Part Five

Engagement as a Measurement
Creating an Empirical Experiment
Using Artificial Intelligence
Results, Graphs, & OMG !

Part SIX

Social Media Voice is here to stay
Tone, Tone, and more Tone
Power of Social Media
Trump A Social Media Leader

Twitterism - Raise your voice - Crowdfunding

Twitter book


the era of real-time politics
Ravi SIngh speaking
About the Author

Ravi Singh

Dr. Ravneet (Ravi) Singh was born in the United States of America.  He wears a turban as a requirement of the Sikh religion from northern India. His parents immigrated to the United States to pursue the American dream.  He grew up in the cornfields of Illinois in the village of Prestbury. He is an American Sikh internet pioneer, military cadet, speaker, former dot com CEO, and international patent holder. He has coached brands, companies, celebrities and leaders on digital strategy.

Dr. Ravneet Singh has authored and co-authored other books that are available on Amazon and Google Scholar. He holds a Master of Arts, Master of Science, and a Doctoral (Ph.D.) specializing in Social media & Technology. He has certificates in digital strategy executive programs from MIT, Harvard, and Duke University. He currently resides in Miami, Florida.

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