Ravi Singh speaks at Public Affairs Conference in Toronto, Canada

Posted by Ravi Singh

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Ravi Singh spoke at Public Affairs Conference in Toronto,Canada, and introduced ElectionMall Technologies (www.electionmall.com). He emphasizedon the power of technology and how it was revolutionizing politics across theworld. He helped introduced or bring eDemocracy 2.0 to Canada.



National News Desk. (2009). eDemocracy 2.0 Comes to Canada –ElectionMall CEO discusses how technology is changing politics worldwide.MassachusettsNewswire.https://massachusettsnewswire.com/edemocracy-2-0-comes-to-canada-electionmall-ceo-discusses-how-technology-is-changing-politics-worldwide-1364/

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