Personal Stories

Personal Stories

VU Outstanding Leadership Award

Ravi Singh passion for politics began at Valparaiso University, one of the largest private Lutheran universities in the USA. He became the first Asian American to be President of the largest Lutheran University with a 97% caucasian population. "I was honored to serve and grateful to contribute."

Sikh Comics by Ravi Singh hits the road

Ravi Singh is forbidden to participate in politics from 2014-2016 by legal counsel. So, he goes on the road to promote his childhood dream. A comic book to sensitize on bullying and help children learn how to deal with bullying at school. Ravi Singh signs autographs posters at Wizard Worlds and

Ravi Singh introduces Election Security Seal with Secretary of State

Ravi Singh launches the first election security seal program for the USA elections. Secretary of State Trey Greyson the first to use the technology roles out the web identification system for securing web url identity for local and federal candidates in the state.

Ravi Singh makes cover of Hindustan Times

Ravi Singh makes headline news in India by challenging a copycat. He argues that Super Sikh is his trademark and that he first used it in 2001 when he published 'Leadership By Turban' book and that the copycat only filed after he notified them via email.‍

Ravi Singh is forced to shut down Super Sikh Comics

Ravi Singh shut downs Super Sikh Comics in 2016 only after second edition and ends child hood dream due to Trademark challenge by DC Comics and copycat. "It was his child hood dream. He had the rights but another person stole it just by a few days. He hopes to relaunch one day.

Ravi Singh starts wearing a turban at the age of 12

Ravi Singh attends Goodwin Elementary School. Ravi starts wearing a turban at the age of 12 years to avoid name calling i.e. Camel Jockey, Towel Head, Genie. "Ravi just told us that he was going to start wearing a turban in fifth grade...just like that he did without us asking