World Leaders

World Leaders

Anwar Ibrahim

Ravi Singh provided digital services for Anwar Ibrahim 2007 – 2013, and also ran his digital war room

Donald Tusk

Ravi Singh wrote Donald Tusk’s digital brand, game plan for 2012 re-election, and also helped establish his digital presence

Yuliya Tymoshenko

Ravi Singh designed a website and Google Ad strategy for Yuliya Tymoshenko in 2009. He also supported her digital tactics in 2013

Enda Kenny

Ravi Singh helped Enda Kenny re-brand his digital efforts. He also helped 109 Fine Gael candidates with videos + web, enhancing social media presence, and ran digital war room.

Juan Manuel

Ravi Singh developed Juan Manuel’s digital plan during 2010 presidential elections, run digital war room, and assisted with government after election.

Joseph Estrada

Ravi Singh trained & wrote Joseph Estrada’s digital game plan for online political influence during re-launch. He also trained him how to create digital war room

José Serra

Ravi Singh helped Jose Serra secure 1st round in 2010 elections. He also helped rebrand his digital efforts, and running digital war room in 27 provinces

Alvaro Uribe

Ravi Singh taught Alvaro Uribe how to use Twitter to enhance social media influence after his presidential campaign. He also ran his personal digital assets

Europpean People's Party

In 2008, Ravi Singh was invited to speak at a Campaign Managers Conference of the European People’s Party (EPP), Europe’s largest political party with 69 member parties. In 2010, Ravi Singh through ElectionMall conducted meetings with possible candidates for president in Nigeria and Sudan. He also provided strategic guidance to EPP and candidate during Parliamentary campaigns in Hungary.

Republican Party

In 2000, ElectionMall secured their first client in the Republican National Committee, for a tool called, eYardSigns that allowed users to send electronic political cards to their friends. Ravi Singh offered his services to presidential hopefuls and hundreds of campaigns during the 2008 United States Election Cycle.