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Did Someone Else Tweet on Donald Trump's Account?

Did Someone Else Tweet on Donald Trump's Account?

Harris, A. (2016, December 12). Trump on Twitter: A history of the man and his medium. Retrieved from

In this article, Adam Harris, a journalist, explores how the twitter account of Donald Trump evolved to become powerful mentioning that it was not always that powerful. In an attempt to determine whether or not there is a method to the madness displayed on his twitter account, the journalists explore the history of his twitter account for the last seven years. The first tweet by Donald Trump was in May 2009, as a private business man promoting his forthcoming appearance on the late show. There were tweets about the apprentice and his family milestones. The tweets that were directly from Donald Trump had the tag from Donald Trump and were rarely on politics. The article further clarifies that by June 2011, the tweets no longer clarified whether or not they were from him directly. The tweets on his tweet feed gradually increased from the period 2009 to 2011. By the time he was announcing his candidacy, his tweets and retweets had doubled in number and Trump certainly enjoyed retweeting to celebrate the idea of a Trump run.

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