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Did Trump's Advisers Stop Him from Joining Gab Platform

Did Trump's Advisers Stop Him from Joining Gab Platform  

O'Connell, O. (2021, February 8). Trump doesn’t use gab and is being kept off by ‘dopey’ Jared Kushner, says CEO. The Independent.

According to this article, Gab CEO, Andrew Torba blames Trump adviser Jared Kushner for keeping him off the platform. After false reports from media outlets claiming that Trump was using Gab, the CEO said it was false reports and blamed “dopey advisers” for keeping him from the free-speech social media. the reports circulated a short while after Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook. The account that most believed belonged to Trump because it even had a blue chem mark was Gab’s mirror archive of POTUS tweets and statements. Gab CEO said the platform has always been transparent about the same and that it would let the people know if Trump began using the platform. He added that the post that most confused being from Trump was a copy of a letter sent by Trump’s legal team to Jamie Raskin who had called on Trump to testify at his second impeachment. Torba made it clear again that he believes 100% that Jared Kushner is trying to keep Trump off Gab and has been doing so for weeks. He added that he couldn’t understand why Kushner was trying to keep Trump off the platform because Gab is the only safe place for conservatives.  

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