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Donald Trump Accuses Spike Lee of Racism

Donald Trump Accuses Spike Lee of Racism

Smith A. (2019, February 25). Trump accuses Spike Lee of 'racist hit' against him in Oscars speech. NBC   News.        against-him-n975586

The president attacked director Spike Lee and called him "racist" in an early morning tweet, this is following his speech during the Sunday night's Oscar ceremony. Trump said Lee's acceptance speech resulted to a racist insult against him. In his acceptance speech, Lee referred to his family's history in the U.S., which he said could be traced to the first slaves being brought over from Africa. Trump claimed he had done more for African Americans than almost any other American President. Trump regularly claims to have done great things for African Americans but unemployment among African American has hit historic lows. Such claims ignore blunt economic differences affecting African Americans and the economic record of the Obama administration.

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