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Donald Trump's Tweets on LGBTQ

Donald Trump's Tweets on LGBTQ

Lopez, G. (January 22, 2018). Trump promised to be LGBTQ-friendly. His first year in office proved it was a giant con. Retrieved from

This article looks at the promise that President Donald Trump made while on his campaign trail, and it was that he was going to be LGBT friendly by handling their issues. He even at one campaign event, held up a Pride flag to show his interest and commitment, but one year into his administration; the representations has been anti-LGBTQ. “But as I reviewed the administration’s record, I was surprised by its breadth and scope. Altogether, it represents a distinctly anti-LGBTQ agenda.” President Trump’s messages did not contain any LGBTQ issues and the people concerned with it and as a result, there are some anti-LGBTQ things he’s done like supporting court arguments against same-sex people and tweeting on reinstating a ban on trans in the military. “He tried to reinstate a ban on trans people joining and openly serving in the military.” Basically, President Trump has failed on keeping the promise he made concerning the LGBTQ people despite him saying that he would be a different Republican.

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