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Donald Trump's Twitter Rhetoric

Donald Trump's Twitter Rhetoric

Liu, C. (2017). Reviewing the Rhetoric of Donald Trump's Twitter of the 2016 Presidential Election. Jönköping University School of Education and Communication. Retrieved from

Liu illustrates how rhetoric Donald trump’s win was in the 2016 election at the introduction of the paper. He further elaborates this by mentioning that Trump did not have any political experience and his approach towards the presidential campaigns was not good either because most of his speeches were vulgar or he constantly offended the media, ethnic minorities, and his opponents. This makes it easier for the readers to relate with the study from the beginning. The research questions have been identified in the paper as; ‘How does Donald Trump use twitter to present arguments and what rhetorical means are used to persuade readers/followers?’ ‘How does Donald Trump use twitter to create and transmit emotion, feeling and affection?’ Chang has also looked at previous research done in this field and used it to infer information. The conclusion of the research is that Donald Trump was successful in the election because he mastered the use of language and rhetorical skills.

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