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Donald Trump's Unconventional Way of Tweeting

Donald Trump's Unconventional Way of Tweeting

Ben-Ghiat, R. (April 23, 2018). Trump's tweets: Why is he always SHOUTING? Retrieved from

This article analyzes President Donald Trump’s tweets citing that, “They're an English teacher's nightmare: full of misspellings, typographical and grammatical errors, strange or missing punctuation.” Additionally, they do not make sense because even if one reads carefully, the intended message could be missed plus the capitalization is weird and his tone is always like he is shouting! The tweets are from a personal point of view and thus for the past period he’s been in the limelight, known to be holding the highest office in the United States; his critics have not been distant from him. His vocabulary is always shallow with simple phrases repeated, “We know that Trump writes the way he speaks, uses a fourth-grade level of vocabulary and repeats simple phrases that present the world in black and white.” He uses Twitter as a tool for communicating his opinions and his goals in to persuade citing that capitalizing words in his tweets is a tactic of making people to isolate, notice and absorb his ideas.

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