Ravi Singh


March 7, 2020

Social Media

Gender in Social Media

When social media had its initial boom in the early 2000’s both men and women flocked to this new form of mediated communication – and both genders picked it up fairly well, with its new slang and user friendly interfaces, social media was the new “Party Line!” You remember the party line, back in the 80’s. You could dial some basic number like 555-CHAT and be placed on a single phone line with well over 10 kids on the line at a time. All chatting about their interests, their beliefs, and their thoughts – all while trying to find new friends, or even new relationships.

But unlike the party line, it seems that the main focus on this form of communal communication has shifted. According to a 2012 study, women are generally more frequent users of mediated communications such as social media, video chats, and text messages. They also have been known to use their social media more for the purpose of maintaining preexisting relationships, whereas men use it more for making new relationships and securing job leads.

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