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Kanye West Publicizes His Support for Donald Trump

Kanye West Publicizes His Support for Donald Trump

Billboard. (2019, January 1). Kanye West reaffirms his support of Trump on Twitter. Billboard.      2019

Kanye West shocked the internet after the rapper took to his social media to show his support for the president by posting, “Trump all day.” The tweet was followed by dragon emojis likely calling back a tweet where he said that he and the president share “dragon energy” and described it as “natural born leaders.” He also promised to wear his Make America Great Again cap during concerts and events. This steered up some controversies among the African American community following the president’s accusations of being racially biased and using racial slurs in his speeches. In return, the president took to his twitter account to thank Kanye west for his “nice words” and declared that criminal justice reform is a law passed in a very bi-partisan way.    

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