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Parler Has Become Twitter Alternative for Conservatives

Parler Has Become Twitter Alternative for Conservatives

Lerman, R. (2020, July 15). The conservative alternative to Twitter wants to be a place for free speech for all. It turns out, rules still apply. The Washington Post.

This articles states that Parler, an American microblogging and social networking service, has become a Twitter alternative for conservatives. According to the author, conservatives who are frustrated with traditional social media sites like Twitter are going for alternative platforms like Parler. Ted Cruz is mentioned as one of the conservatives who migrated to Parler saying that its “a platform [that] gets what free speech is all about.” The decision by many to move was the continued labelling of Trump’s articles by Twitter. The author states that the platform is likened to a conservative Twitter with some prominent users like Brad Parscale, Eric Trump, and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. Parler bills itself as a space for free expression without violence and a lack of censorship” one of the top reasons most conservatives are preferring it. John Matze, the app’s founder said that his app managed to attract conservatives because they felt disenfranchised by other social media platforms. He added that Parler is about to have limits of free expression as some new users have been testing the limits by sharing “pornographic images and obscenities. The author says that Parler is now facing the same evolution the Big Tech companies have confronted over the years while trying to balance free expression with offering a safe and inviting online community.  

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