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@Realdonaldtrump Account Shut Down by Twitter

@Realdonaldtrump Account Shut Down by Twitter

FOXBusiness. "Twitter Shuts Down Trump's Account, Citing Risk of Violence After Capitol Hill Melee." Fox Business. Last modified January 8, 2021.

On January 8th 2020, Donald Trump's @realDonaldTrump account was shut down finally by Twitter as many of us had projected. This follows quite a number of labelling of his tweets. In the last 2 months since the election week, almost all of Donald Trump's tweets were flagged by Twitter. Most of these tweets were on elections security and fraud. Regardless, Twitter has been a crucial platform for Donald Trump's rise in power. He used the platform wisely and was able to gain peoples support online and later in presidential bid. It is through his tweeting habits that he has become a social media leader and world leader.  

Twitter's reason for shutting down Donald Trump's Twitter account is fear of further violence after some of his supporters forced their way into the U.S Capitol on 6th January 2021. Facebook a platform that has been criticized by democrats many times for not labeling most of Donald Trump's posts, acted fast that day. They suspended Donald trump's account same day and said that it was to allow a peaceful transition of power. Donald trump has reached his audience via social media for a long time and by denying him the channel, Facebook believed it would help avoid such an occurrence from repeating itself. There was even a campaign created by Blaise Smith addressed to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. The campaign seems to have been requiring 600 signatures to have the petition passed. By the time the account was closed, the petition had 513/600 signatures. Below is the petition message.

Donald Trump has used his Twitter account to express racist remarks, hate speech, misogynist comments and lies. He is now continuing to lie as president elect about his fabricated "accomplishments". Twitter needs to change its policy so that the tweeting of hate speech, racist remarks and verifiable false information results in an account being immediately and permanently shut down. This would be extremely easy for Twitter to do, and it would allow them to lead the way in establishing social media as a legitimate and reliable source of information. This has to happen ASAP and this policy needs to be in place before Trump assumes the POTUS Twitter account.


Why is this important?

Donald Trump's hostility to the American press corps is well known. By calling individual reporters "scum" and "losers", he has attempted to minimize the great American tradition of a free press which monitors and distributes news to an informed electorate. His ability to bypass this traditional media by tweeting his lies, racism and hate speech can be easily prevented by monitoring his "real Donald Trump" account (and eventually "POTUS") and shutting it down permanently if any tweet contains hate speech, racist remarks and verifiable false information.

Twitter said that after review of @realDonaldTrump recent posts and the way they are being interpreted on and off Twitter, they have decided to permanently suspend the account. This confirms my feeling of how it would end up with Twitter for Donald Trump. The disagreement was very clear.    

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