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SnapChat Says It will No longer Promote Trump's Posts

SnapChat Says It will No longer Promote Trump's Posts

Kang, C., & Conger, K. (2020, June 3). Snap says it will no longer promote Trump’s account (Published 2020). The New York Times - Breaking News, US News, World News and Videos.

According to this article, Snapchat recently decided to follow Twitter’s move to label Trump’s posts as inaccurate or as inciting violence. The platform said that it stopped promoting Trumps content on June 2nd 2020 after it determined that Trump’s public comments could incite violence. Snap said that Trump’s account will not be removed from its platform but his posts will not be promoted or featured on Discover home page for news and stories where it used to appear along with other celebrity accounts. The author states that the move by Snapchat is part of a toughening positions by social media companies against posts sent by Trump that are aggressive and contain threats and contain inaccuracies. Twitter labeled several of Trump’s tweets for giving misinformation on elections and for glorifying violence. The author adds that Facebook has not removed or labeled any of Trump’s posts arguing that the posts are newsworthy and will remain up in the name of free speech. The author states that twitter and some other platforms have denounced the executive order signed by Trump intended to chip away at legal protections the companies rely on so they cannot be considered liable for content posted by users on their platforms. So, Twitter continues to label more of Trumps and other public official’s tweets. The author mentions that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced a virtual walkout by hundreds of his employees for not labeling Trump’s tweets, but he continues to hold onto his decision to leave Trump’s messages untouched regardless. First Amendment and social media scholars say that social media companies are entitled to enforce their own standards on speech.  

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