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Times Trump Said he Would Quit Twitter

Times Trump Said he Would Quit Twitter

Alang, N. (2016, November 15). Trump is America’s first Twitter President. Be afraid. Retrieved from

In the article, Alang explains why Donald Trump will not just stop tweeting during his presidency. Indeed, Donald Trump had promised Americans, in more than a few occasions, that he would quit using Twitter once he was elected as president of the nation. However, to the greatest dismay of many people, it only took Trump two days after he was sworn into office to take to the social media platform to rant about his annoyance with some protesters. According to Alang, many people wished that the president would just concentrate on his high office job rather than waste time expressing his thoughts and opinions on Twitter. Additionally, given that Trump had become the president his regular use of Twitter would make it difficult for people to discern his official and personal statements. The author argues that Trump’s use of Twitter may cultivate a culture of hatred, aggression, and discrimination in America.

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