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Trump Prefers Tweeting Than the Traditional Media Houses

Trump Prefers Tweeting Than the Traditional Media Houses

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Social media platforms, especially Twitter, have become the most preferred means of communication due to their ability to reach millions of people within a short time. In fact, it is not surprising that President Donald Trump often opts to use his Twitter account to communicate with Americans as opposed to the traditional media houses. The authors assert that the president’s use of Twitter allows him to express his sentiments on different issues before Americans and also get a chance to assess their genuine reactions. However, in most cases, Trump has used Twitter to launch offensive attacks and heavy criticisms on politicians and media personalities whom he dislikes. Analysis of most of his tweets reveals a sarcastic and angry tone, but most importantly, they manifest a strong and confident leader who is not afraid to speak his mind. Even though Donald Trump has been widely criticized for his language use in Twitter, it is not hard to guess that his social media voice and behavior will still persist.  

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