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Twitter Is Never Out of Reach for Trump

Twitter Is Never Out of Reach for Trump

Daileda, C. (November 8, 2017). China banned Twitter in 2009, but somehow Trump is still tweeting during his trip. Retrieved from

This article explores Donald Trump’s habit of tweeting citing that, “Twitter is never out of reach for President Donald Trump.” This is because in his “one stop on a multi-part tour through Asia,” he tweeted while in China, a country that blacklisted Twitter in 2009. He tweeted three times and said nice things about China, “Looking forward to a full day of meetings with President Xi and our delegation’s tomorrow. THANK YOU for the beautiful welcome China! @FLOTUS Melania and I will never forget it!” However, while still in the same spirit of saying nice things about China, North Korea was on the receiving end as he sent out a tweet warning them not to underestimate or try them citing that the past restraint should not be interpreted as a weakness. It was a simple disapproval of the Twitter ban in China implied that the White House was not concerned with any of the events at all because Trump tweets what he wants.

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