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Twitter is Trump's Own Version of A Newspaper

Twitter is Trump's Own Version of A Newspaper

Barbaro, M. (October 5, 2015). How Donald Trump uses Twitter (Hint: Impulsively). Retrieved from

This article explores how Donald Trump uses Twitter because in his own world, he refers to it as “his own version of a newspaper: a stream of boasts, taunts and opinions, delivered on Twitter at all hours of the day to his more than four million followers.” It has been a platform through which he’s been communicating with the American voters because as a candidate for president, he has to be proactive by being a strategist. Trump is a person that insults people he knows or doesn’t and in simple terms, it is justified in a tweets that he sent out in 2012, “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” At times, Trump is also unexpected in his tweets as he takes a personal stance because he portrays himself like when he expressed his gratitude towards his mother and father. Moreover, Trump is never afraid of writing down his thoughts as he even calls people “fools” on Twitter.

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