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Why Donald Trump Continues to Use Twitter As President

Why Donald Trump Continues to Use Twitter As President

Carr, N. (2018, January 26). Why Trump tweets (and why we listen). Retrieved from

In this article, Carr sought to explain various possible reasons why Donald Trump still continues to use Twitter despite the fact that he is the president of the country. Although social media websites have always been considered as tech-platform for the youth, it is clear that this notion is erroneous, especially when we look at Donald Trump’s excessive use of Twitter. Back in 2009, when Trump joined the social media platform, his tweeting behavior was flaccid. At that point in time, Trump mainly used his Twitter account for self-promotion, such as advertising his TV show, The Apprentice, as well as his books. However, by the end of 2011, his tweets began to take a different direction. Most of his posts would criticize, belittle, or insult his political opponents. In one of his presidential campaigns in Rhode Island, Trump promised Americans that he would quit using Twitter once he became president. Nonetheless, even after winning the election, Trump’s compulsive tweeting behavior still persists. In fact, it has become worse. This article enlightens about the outcomes of Twitter addiction.

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