Ravi Singh State Representative

In 1997, Ravi Singh joined politics and ran for State Representative at the age of 25. He served as a public servant in Illinois State Government for some time under the Edgar Administration working for Lt. Governor Bob Kustra and State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, who he refers to as his political mom. He became the first Sikh American candidate to run in the 42nd District Illinois General Assembly. He made the front page of the Chicago Tribune in 1997. He also led an Asian American Next-generation Session the same year. Although he lost the campaign, he won the Kane County nomination for the Republican Party, becoming the first Sikh with a turban to win the nomination.  It was Ravi Singh’s political experience when he ran for office that inspired him to seek a solution to provide technology and resources to candidates despite their race, gender, or political affiliation. In 1997, Ravi Singh had a website for his campaign and promoted his email address on pencils and yard signs Ravi4us@aol.com.  He was also credited for starting the first online chat by a candidate in 1997, recorded in the Aurora Beacon Newspaper.