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A History of the Man and His Medium

A History of the Man and His Medium

BBC. (2016 Dec 12). Trump on Twitter: A history of the man and his medium.

This article highlights the historical background of the official Twitter account for the president elect, Donald Trump. Trump had already started using his twitter account to criticize the media for lack of attention. He was also tweeting about different topics relating to foreign policies and domestic affairs. It has been observed that Donald Trump created his twitter account in 2009 when he was still in business. His early tweets focused much on his business endeavors.  Trump had an estimated 150 tweets in a year in his early tweeting years. However, this trend changed to more than 100 tweets in one month after two years. During the campaign period, Trump could an average of 375 tweets per month. Trump indicated a personal preference to use Twitter instead of the mainstream media saying that the latter was being bias when reporting Trump-related news. Trump’s tweets has had a real life impact as quoted in the case of Boeing which had to come clear on the prices and contracts with the government. The author was also uncertain on how Trump would use his twitter account once he resumes office.  

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