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Accessing White House Records Violates Executive Privilege, Trump Says

Accessing White House Records Violates Executive Privilege, Trump Says

Economic Times. (2021, Nov 11). U.S. Judge rejects latest Trump request to block release of documents to House riot probe.  

The author of this article reports that the former president Donald Trump lost bid to prevent the congressional investigators from accessing white house records that he wanted to be kept confidential. This decision was made by Tanya Chutkan, a US District Judge who declined to halt the Representatives committee from obtaining Trump records from the White House. The investigators are after finding out Trump’s involvement in in the January 6 riots that led to the attack on the US capital. According to Trump, accessing these records violates the legal doctrine called “executive Privilege” that protects the confidentiality of white house communications.  However, the committee insisted that it is the only way to know Trump’s involvement in the riots which aimed at blocking lawmakers from certifying Joe Biden’s win in the presidential elections. During the riots, one person was shot dead while other were left with injuries including the law enforcement teams. It was also reported that a capital police officer died later on due to the injuries from the violent riots.

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