Ravi Singh


March 21, 2020

Social Media

Activism and Social Media

Throughout history activists have launched campaigns in efforts to sway ideas and advance various political and social movements. Call back on the abolition of slavery, the women’s suffrage movement, and the LGBT rights movement – just to name a few. What was once a lengthy and drawn out process to drum up attention and support for a particular cause, had become almost a second thought due to the invention of social media.

I personally, can name ten social media profiles that I follow throughout my various social platforms that I solely keep so I can keep up with the cause and its efforts. It has become almost second nature for people to identify with a cause, and therefore feel almost obligated to keep up with its current events. Take the LBGTQ+ community for example, if you combed through their social media accounts, you would find that quite a lot of them are following The Human Rights Campaign or know about/ have seen the “It Gets Better” campaign – an internet-based nonprofit founded in 2012 by Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller, in response to the suicide of Billy Lucas and other teenagers who were bullied because they were gay or perceived to be.

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