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Addition of More Features On Twitter Enhances Interaction and Engagement Among the Users

Addition of More Features On Twitters Enhances Interaction and Engagement Among the Social Media Users

@stochastix‎. (2013, August 12). A better experience for sending Tweets and DMs. Retrieved from

In this article, the author details a report on some additional features installed on Twitter to enhance the user experience for sending messages and tweets. According to the author, social networks are meant to facilitate the interactions of multiple users through content sharing. To this end, Twitter is dedicated to implementing new features that enable users to share content in a prompt and efficient manner. In 2013, Twitter created a new tweet interface that made it easy for users to send tweets, direct messages, and preview images. Specifically, a new tweet panel, which was docked to the left sidebar, allowed the quick access of tweet options such as replying to @usernames, direct messages, and scheduling posts. For instance, the new feature allowed users to reply to many @usernames within a tweet by simply clicking on their names. This article provides valuable information on various features that enhance user interaction and engagement with a tweet.

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