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Additional Features On Twitter Help Social Media Leaders to Share Information With Followers

Additional Features On Twitter Are Helping Social Media Leaders to Share Information With Followers

Coyne, B. (2013, September 25). Introducing Twitter alerts. Retrieved from

In this article, Coyne revealed that Twitter was working towards introducing alerts as an additional feature on its interface. According to the author, the social network has been at the forefront of facilitating communication and dissemination of information during emergencies, and natural disasters. Because Twitter allows real-time communication among users, it is often cited as a reliable tool for broadcasting critical information during catastrophic events. In this regard, the company decided to launch Twitter Alerts in 2013 to enhance the visibility of critical tweets in its platform. Nonetheless, the program could only be accessed by local, national, and international institutions such as emergency response and management agencies, municipal agencies, law enforcement bureaus, and NGOs. In essence, the priority access to the new feature was given to all organizations dealing with public affairs. This article provides valuable insights into how Twitter Alerts allow users to get accurate and reliable information from official sources during catastrophic events and emergency situations.  

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