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All the Accounts That Donald Trump Retweeted During Campaigns

All the Accounts That Donald Trump Retweeted During Campaigns

Buzz Feed News. (2016, December 20). These are all the accounts Donald Trump retweeted during the campaigns. Retrieved from

The article provides information on all the accounts that Donald Trump has retweeted at the period of his campaigns. The information collected from the tweets is a clue of who Donald Trump views as a fitting surrogate. The article offers a description of what Donald Trump can do with his twitter account which includes; amplifying accounts which were formerly unknown, endorse new ideas regardless of how controversial they are, and signal his opinion on various maters. The article offers a review of 26,377 tweets from the 34,152 tweets shared by the President and has filtered the tweets down to 2,760 hyperlinks tweeted by Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy. The end result of this according to the article is that Donald Trump is willing to retweet anyone unlike other politicians who carefully decide who to respond to. From the analysis, the accounts that he retweeted most were those of campaign advisers and few chosen members of the press.

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