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An Analysis of One Year of Donald Trump's Tweets

An Analysis of One Year of Donald Trump's Tweets

McNamara, B. (2018, January 22).1 year of Trump’s Tweets analysed. Retrieved from

This article provides an interesting breakdown of real time tweets from President Donald Trump. It begins with an interesting introduction of Donald Trump’s rapid use of twitter, describing him as man whose fingers never fail to hit the twitter handle. The article informs the readers that even before becoming the President of the United States, Donald Trump was fond of using social media platform to get back at anyone who gets on his way. It’s an interesting collection of data showcasing the tweets of Donald and allowing people to sift through them and find any information they are looking for on his tweeter feed. The article provides a one-year analysis of Donald Trump’s tweets with information on whom he has been tweeting and how often he tweets them. From the analysis, he is fond of discussing fake news like that of Clinton and the Russians on his twitter handle. The article offers in depth analysis useful for anyone interested in conducting research on Donald Trump’s tweets and it also has information on the number of people that liked his tweets and how many retweets he received.  

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