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An Easy Way to See What Trump Tweeted About

An Easy Way to See What Trump Tweeted About

Cohn, E. (2017, April 19). Politics: There"s a super easy way to find out what Trump has tweeted about any given subject. Retrieved from

This article explains how one can access President Trump’s old tweets by visiting his Twitter Archive. According to Cohn, Donald Trump has tweeted about almost every occasion that has caught the public eye. Hence, Cohn asserts that there is indeed an easy way to unearth all of Donald Trump’s old tweets about any given subject. Cohn notes that a particular website called contains numerous Trump tweets arranged into different categories such as “Haters and Losers” and “Fake News.” The listed categories contain all tweets, including those deleted, which mentions the title phrase indicated. This article suggests that Trump’s Twitter account is a rich source of information about the president’s psyche and personality. Thus, it is no wonder why many news outlets keep on monitoring Trump’s tweet for their headline stories. However, a person cannot help but wonder whether Trump’s tweeting behavior is beneficial to America at all, now that he is the president.  

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