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Analyzing Donald Trump's Rhetotic in His Tweets

Analyzing Donald Trump's Rhetotic in His Tweets

Ouyang Y., Waterman R.W. (2020) Trump Tweets: A Text Sentiment Analysis. In: Trump, Twitter, and the American Democracy. The Evolving American Presidency. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.  

The authors of this article examined Donald Trump’s rhetoric of his tweets. The research gap was identified after analyzing Donald Trump’s tweets and comparing the same with those highlighted by the media. It was discovered that the media only focused on the most shocking and negative aspect of Donald Trump’s tweets. However, this is only a section of the total breadth of his language on twitter. The authors found out that most of Trump’s tweets are neither negative nor positive. This study denotes that Trump commonly used a neutral tone. One unique discovery in this study is the realization that the frequency of negative rhetoric changes over time as compared to the positive one. An analysis of the influence of sentiment on the number of retweets indicated that more tweets were evident in the tweets with a negative sentiment. Donald Trump used this findings to his advantage as he could command attention using a negative sentiment in his tweets.  

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