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Another Trump Executive Testified Before the Court on Tax Related Charges

Another Trump Executive Testified Before the Court on Tax Related Charges  

Protess B, Rashbaum and Christobek K. (2021 Sept 20). N.Y Prosecutors Weigh Charges Against Another Trump Executive. The New York Times:  

The New York Times reports that some of the employees in Donald Trump’s business testified before the court in the tax-related charges. According to the author, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is investigating whether the executive or any other employee benefited from what was described as a 15-year scheme in the family business organization. This plan is believed to enable the top management evade taxes through a compensation scheme that constitutes of off-the-books luxury perks such as free apartments and vehicles. In the current interviews, the district attorney interviewed Mr. Clamari, a long serving employee of the organization and his son. However, Donald Trump himself has not been implicated in the ongoing investigations but he has termed them as politically motivated. Unlike Clamari who was living in an apartment and driving a Mercedes Benz all leased through the company, Mr. Weisselberg is the company’s accountant who has had a direct involvement in the financial planning and transactions in the company. These investigations are still going on with uncertainties on the course of action in the end.  

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