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Are Your Tweet Marketing Tactics Up-to-Date?

Are Your Tweet Marketing Tactics Up-to-Date?

Hutchinson, A. (2017, September 20). As Twitter's algorithm evolves, is it time to update your tweet marketing tactics? Social Media Today. Retrieved from

In this article, Andrew Hutchinson explains why the development of Twitter’s new algorithm may require marketers to update their communication strategies on the platform. According to the author, while the algorithm-defined Twitter feed is seemingly increasing the daily average engagement rates of users, it might have some negative effect on traditional marketing approaches that focus on volume and presentation. Initially, the only way to ensure maximum visibility was to tweet more; however, with the new system, higher volumes of tweets result in posts being clustered together, making it difficult to access the latest tweets from other people. Therefore, this situation is likely to prompt users to ignore hundreds of tweets just to access other content. Additionally, online users might be tempted to unfollow popular twitter handles that generate significant levels of engagement just to prevent them from flooding their feeds. This article is useful as it highlights how the new Twitter’s algorithm may compel social media leaders to revamp their marketing tactics.  

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