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Boosting The Level of User Engagement Within Twitter

Boosting The Level of User Engagement Within Twitter

Hutchinson, A. (2018, October 25). Twitter's experimenting with a range of new features aimed at improving engagement. Social Media Today. Retrieved from

This article discusses some of the experimental features at Twitter aimed at increasing engagement across the platform. According to the author, the anticipated outcome of any tweet or post on Twitter is to generate engagement with other users. Thus, in the second half of 2018, Twitter began experimenting on some new options for tweet replies. Among the potential new features tested include ice breakers, active status indicators, and status indicator prompts. These new features are likely to boost the level of user engagement within the platform if implemented. For instance, the new ‘ice breaker’ option will allow users to generate discussions and conversations by posing open-ended questions to their audience. The information in this article is extremely important as it allows a researcher to understand how the extra features can improve engagement rates in the platform if they are going to be implemented. Besides, it will be interesting to explore the impact of these features on the social lingo and digital rhetoric of social media brands.  

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