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Bots on Donald Trump Twitter

Bots on Donald Trump Twitter

Flynn, K. (2017, February 8). Here's the real data on Trump's Twitter followers (who are a bunch of eggs). Retrieved from

In this article piece, Flynn details a report on the actual number of people following President Donald Trump on Twitter. The author notes that Trump has often boasted of having a powerful online presence on the social media platform than other leaders. As of February 2017, Donald Trump had nearly 24.1 million followers on his personal Twitter account. However, according to the result of a certain social media tool for identifying audiences called SocialRank, over 5 million of his followers’ accounts had been labeled with an egg avatar. This implied that they were dormant accounts. Besides, about 4.7 million of the followers were discovered to have never tweeted before since joining Twitter. Overall, Trump’s Twitter account had the most number of bots and dormant followers in comparison with Hillary Clinton’s and Barrack Obama’s account. This article is important as it provides invaluable insights into the actual audience reach of Donald Trump on Twitter.

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