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Chrissy Teigen Was Trolling Trump on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen Was Trolling Trump on Twitter

Lavalle, A. (February 8, 2017). Chrissy Teigen has been trolling Trump on Twitter for the past six years. Retrieved from

This article explores the different tweets that Chrissy Teigen has been directing at Donald Trump and in the process trolling him. It is estimated that she has been trolling Trump since 2011 when she first tweeted that, “Donald Trump sure turned into a joke right? as opposed to what he was before which was so not a joke or anything.” She was closely following what was happening around Trump and she never remained quiet on anything that did not interest or impress her. Even when Trump announced that he would be running for presidency in 2011, Chrissy tweeted what it could be like because it was a rumor that caught the ears of many and she would not be quiet on what opinion she held. Additionally, she had not changed her sentiments about Trump even after being elected into office because the only difference between 2011 and now, he is the President.

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