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Citizens Took A Legal Action Over Trump's Tweeting Habits

Citizens Took A Legal Action Over Trump's Tweeting Habits

McCarthy, T. (2018, March 7). Blocked by Trump on Twitter – now crusaders take their case to court. Retrieved from


The article discusses how people who have been blocked by President Donald Trump have decided to seek legal intervention on the matter. The article explores the case of Figueroa O’Reilly who believes that Donald Trump is an idiot. She therefore constantly criticized the tweets from the President until she responded to a tweet by him about the British prime minister. The author has gone ahead to share the tweet; “This is pretty much how the world sees you”. When she got blocked, she realized the same had happened to several other citizens and thus decided to take legal action. The article ends in suspension with readers left wondering whether Fiueroa and other victims of the President Donald Trump’s online rage will get justice and if indeed Figueroa took legal action.

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