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Companies Could Also Use Twitter Platform for Marketing

Twitter Gained Popularity Because Companies Could Also Use The Platform for Marketing

Arrington, M. (2010, August 23). Twitter hires Adam Bain away from News Corp. as president of revenue. Retrieved from

In this article, Arrington reports that by 2009, Twitter had started experimenting on the prospect of using the platform for advertising and monetization efforts. Notably, Twitter served as both a rich source of information as well as an interactive social network.  

Because of such prospects, the company saw it fit to leverage data and its software capabilities to create revenue. Hence, it sought the services of an executive with a track record of building advertising and monetization products to boost its monetization efforts. Consequently, it was not surprising that Twitter hired Adam Bain, a former President of the Fox Audience Network, as the president of all revenue for the company. Indeed, Bain’s organizational experience and advertising expertise would become useful at Twitter, given his alleged ability to build adverts capable of generating hundreds of millions of dollars per year.  This article explains how Twitter became an influencer marketer for businesses and organizations.  

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