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Did Donald Trump Acknowledge Biden Won the Election?

Did Donald Trump Acknowledge Biden Won the Election?

Pengelly, Martin. "Trump Tweets That Biden 'won' – but Repeats Baseless Vote Fraud Claim." The Guardian. Last modified November 16, 2020.

On Nov 15th 2020, Donald Trump tweeted, about Joe Biden. He said that “He won” because the election was rigged. Some people felt that the tweet was showing that Donald Trump had begun to concede defeat. The words that followed did say a different thing. They were not showing any sign of a formal concession. He said, “He won because the election was rigged.” This was Donald Trump reminding people that he still believes that the elections were stolen. Like all other election fraud tweets sent by Donald Trump, this one too was flagged. According to The Guardian, a White House official said that the 15th November tweet saying “He won” represented the start of some concession. Donald Trump, objected the views that he was conceding by sending another tweet.  “He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!” the claims of election fraud have been rejected by the mainstream media experts and analysts. Donald Trump and his team has been fighting this in court and the social media sharing lots of videos that propagate fraud in the counting rooms. There is still no validated proof of elections fraud, and that could be one reason the Twitter has been labeling any tweet that talks about elections being stolen. The Guardian say's despite the results, Donald trump will have a voice for a long time in the Republican party. He has managed to draw huge crowds, which means he will have influence for longer.

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