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Did Donald Trump Tweet It?

Did Donald Trump Tweet It?

Robinson, D. (2018). Trump's Android and iPhone tweets, one year later. Retrieved from

This article closely analyzes the tweets from Donald Trump and there is a difference between a tweet from an Android or iPhone. “What’s more, we can see that the Android tweets are angrier and more negative, while the iPhone tweets tend to be benign announcements and pictures.” Within a span of one years, it is estimated that more than 2700 tweets and they have been noted through a machine learning approach which has been useful in identifying the better dataset for analysis. “This is why machine learning approaches like are useful, since they can still distinguish Trump’s tweets from his campaign’s by training on the kinds of features I used in my original post.” The tweets to be analyzed have to be up-to-date and this can be happening through tracking and retrieving them using the R software. Moreover, different analytics have been done dating back to when Trump started talking about Barrack Obama and the number of tweets that mention his name plus the words that get the most and least retweets.

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