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Did Gab Trick the Media to Believe Trump Joined the Platform?

Did Gab Trick the Media to Believe Trump Joined the Platform?

Goforth, C. (2021 Feb 8) How Gab tricked the media into believing Trump joined the site. Daily Dot:

According to the article, there were news reports that the former president Donald Trump Had Joined Gab after almost one month of social media blackout. However, it is believed that this was not true as Trump had not joined the platform. According to Gab Vice President, the false assertions were based on Trump’s letter that was posted on Gab and the platform has been keeping it as a placeholder for the former president of the US. The author of the article further indicates that the account had mirrored Trump’s Twitter account which was permanently suspended on January 8 2021. This move made most of the media platforms to report that Donald Trump is finally coming back to social media. Further indications of Trump’s activities on Gab were evident as his account started sharing posts. It is believed that this was not actual Trump and the company was only using this opportunity to show its readiness to be used as Trump’s next megaphone. This move made followers to increase from 30,000 to more 150,000 followers after Trump’s Twitter ban. Telegram has also been reported to be in the race to show interest in accommodating Donald Trump after his social media ban in January.  

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