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Did Trump Retweet Twitter Bots?

Did Trump Retweet Twitter Bots?

Edwards, J. (2016, April 11). Trump has quoted Twitter bots 150 times, according to this analysis of his tweets. Retrieved from

In this article, Edwards notes that Trump has reportedly mentioned Twitter bots nearly 150 times during his 2016 presidential campaign. The authors explain that a bot is an automated Twitter account that has been programmed to appear as if it is operated by a human while in the actual sense it is not. The author notes that it is not confirmed whether Donald Trump’s campaign team are aware of the Twitter bots or not. However, it beats logic why Trump would require bots to boost his popularity on Twitter, given that he was already popular. Nonetheless, Edwards claims that Trump’s Twitter account proved to give researchers a hard time in differentiating bots from humans since Trump had the tendency of retweeting and mentioning anyone. In fact, the author notes that some of the Twitter bots in Trump’s account seem to be very active and have many human followers, something which makes them become difficult to trace.

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