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Did Trump Tweet all His Tweets?

Did Trump Tweet all His Tweets?

McGill. A. (2017 Mar 28). A Bot That Can Tell When It's Really Donald Trump Who's Tweeting. The Atlantic:
According to the author of this article, there were differences in the way Donald Trump was tweeting. It was noted that two devices were being used to tweet. This trend drew the attention of the author who became curious to understand the differences. At first, it was clear that Donald Trump tweets using his personal Android phone. Most of the tweets from this source were full of errors. On the other hand, there were tweets from an IPhone which seemed to be well-written. It was believed that this was a member of Trump’s staff who was assigned to tweet on Donald Trump’s behalf. The differences were supported by the use of a bot which analyzed Trump’s previous tweets and compared the same with the tweets from the IPhone. It is estimated that during the time of this analysis, the staffer had posted 25% of the tweets on Donald Trump’s official Twitter account.  

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