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Did Trump Weaponize Twitter?

Did Trump Weaponize Twitter?  

Quittner, J. (January 6, 2018). All The President’ Tweets. Retrieved from

This article explores Donald Trump’s tweets because he keeps on tweeting everyday thereby portraying different sides of him on each of the opinions he shares with the public. “There he tweets again: Donald John Trump, the president of the United States of America, crazily boasting, bullying, slandering and threatening violence against his enemies.” It is a sequence of trolling others on Twitter, even calling for the firing of others on Twitter because he can speak the way he wants. The article further states that, “Though he was not the first president to use Twitter, Trump was the first to weaponize it by accomplishing two things simultaneously: 1) His tweets trigger liberals, riling them up every single day, and 2) Both Fox and CNN (among many others) routinely broadcast all his tweets — because the tweets are newsworthy and of public interest.” Basically, as a President, Donald Trump needs to be using Twitter less often, but it is the other way round as he uses it in such a way that might not be helpful to others.


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