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Did You See What the President Tweeted?

Did You See What the President Tweeted?

Andrews, T. (2020, October 14). The tweets that define a presidency. The Washington Post.

Andrews (2020) says that regardless whether you support Trump or not, you probably have uttered the words "Did you see what the president tweet"? The decision of Trump to keep his personal Twitter account rather than using the presidential official account was unique as no other president did that before. His Twitter was a key part of his becoming the president. Kirsten Powers, a CNN senior political analyst said that without Twitter, there would be no Trump presidency. Twitter granted Trump immediacy and rendered pesky handlers somehow obsolete since reaching 87 million took him only a click of a button. Continues to say that the greatest weakness politicians have is being inauthentic. Contrary, Trump was considered by many authentic based on his Twitter activity. Andrews (2020) continues to say that even after leaving office, trumps account would be the most powerful account ever.

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