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Do Millennials Like Trump?

Do Millennials Like Trump?

UMass Lowell. (2019, January 16). Poll: Majority of millennialsdo not like Trump, Twitter. UMass Lowell | UMass Lowell.

According to thisarticle, Trump’s tweeting habit and the platform Twitter are not popular withmillennials. In a survey involving 1,000 Americans ages 18-37, UMass Lowell. (2019, January 16). Poll:Majority of millennials do not like Trump, Twitter. UMass Lowell foundthat most from this group stated that they disapprove Trump’s job performance. Amongthe interviewed millennials, 54% were Democrats, 32% Republicans, and 12%Independents. Among those interviewed, 80% of those who identified as Republicansapproved Trump’s job.  Some of themillennials, 68% felt that Trump tweets too much, 26% he tweets the rightamount, and 6% said he does not tweet enough. The author states that the reasonwhy most of the millennials dislike Trump is because most of them stronglyidentify with the Democratic party and independents are prone to agree withDemocrats on most policies. Theauthors also note that Republican millennials like Trump and support the job heis doing. The millennials are not fans of Twitter platform with only 37% of thetotal population saying that they find it favorably the same for Facebook.

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