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Does Donald Trump Attract Controversies?

Does Donald Trump Attract Controversies?

Lowry, R. (2017, March 21). A 140-Character Flaw | National Review. Retrieved from

While it is nearly impossible for a new system of governance to avoid controversies, Trump’s administration is way off limits in this matter. President Donald Trump has his ways of courting controversies, even in situations where none exist, through his personal Twitter account. Lowry reports that Donald Trump attacked James Comey, the then director of FBI, in several tweets claiming that he was wire-tapped by President Obama during the 2016 US presidential election campaigns. As one would expect, widespread speculations on whether the allegations made by the president had evidence dominated the news headlines for several weeks. Lowry notes that such controversy could be easily avoided by the president, especially since it had no significance. Instead, the president should focus on delivering the promise of his agenda. This article illustrates that a single tweet from Donald Trump has considerable power and impact. Therefore, the president should desist from initiating controversial topics that only serve to distract his team from more important issues.  

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