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Does Trump Always Mean What He Says in His Tweets?

Does Trump Always Mean What He Says in His Tweets?

Savitsky, S. (2017, April 4). Trump's 2013 tweets on Syria tell a different story. Retrieved from

One of Trump’s favorite criticism against his predecessor, President Barrack Obama, was on the subject of the Syrian attack. When Obama threatened to attack Syria after President Asad’s administration used chemical weapons against innocent Syrian citizens in 2012, Trump took to the social media to advise the president otherwise. According to Trump, there was no point in attacking Syria and helping the Middle Eastern country fix its own issues while America remained weak. In fact, Trump warned the president that he needed to seek Congressional approval first before deciding to attack Syria. However, when Trump became president in 2017, he did not think twice about bombing Syrian targets when Assad’s administration used chemical weapons against its civilians. According to Savitsky, Trump quickly turned the blame on Obama’s administration highly that president Asad’s insistent use of chemical weapons was because Obama had threatened to attack the country and then did nothing. This article shows that Trump does not always mean whatever he says on Twitter. In fact, it seems that he criticizes his adversaries just to remain relevant on the internet.

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