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Does Trump Manipulate Language on Twitter

Does Trump Manipulate Language on Twitter to Express His Thoughts and Personal Opinions

Nerwriter1. (2016, December 31). How (And Why) Donald Trump Tweets [Video file]. Retrieved from

This video suggests that president trump manipulates and uses language in twitter to express his thoughts and personal opinions. The narrator, Nerdwriter1, explains that the president is different from other American leaders from a social media perspective. He suggests that he doesn’t tweet like other leaders or celebrities but simply does it like a normal American citizen. He uses this to try and explain the use of exclamation in president trump’s tweets. The narrator explains that the president is quite an emotional person and uses words, tone and exclamation to express his emotion on twitter. He points out the use of exclamation point that president trump uses to express his insights either knowingly or unknowingly. Using exclamation points in his tweets enables readers to easily and quickly comprehend the emotion behind the words. Rather than writing through twitter like other politicians, president trump speaks through it.

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