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Does Trump Post Offensive Insults and Angry Tweets

Does Trump Post Offensive Insults and Angry Tweets

DelReal, J. A. (2015, February 25). That one time Donald Trump got into a Twitter feud. Retrieved from

DelReal’s article highlights some of the instances when Donald Trump got into a fiery online battle on Twitter with different personalities. When Donald Trump is not engaged in a self-promotion campaign on Twitter, then, it is safe to assume that he is busy posting offensive insults and angry tweets. However, one thing is for sure, Trump has never been afraid to voice his sentiments. Most of his posts are rather combative in nature and filled with irony. DelReal samples 15 systematic tweets that showcases Trump’s prowess in Twitter feuds. One common factor in all those feuds is that Donald Trump wins. He uses brutal and insensitive language in order to throw his opponents into confusion and dismay. What is more, he brags about the effectiveness of his Twitter strategies. For instance, in one of his tweets in 2012, Trump boasted of how his Twitter handle had become so powerful to the extent that he could intimidate his enemies to confessing the truth.


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