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Does Trump’s Tweeting Make His Work Harder?

Does Trump’s Tweeting Make His Work Harder?

Blanton, D. (2017, June 29). Fox News poll: Voters sayTrump's tweets hurting agenda. Fox News.

According to thisarticle, few voters approve of Donald Trump’s tweeting. Some voters feel thatTrump's tweeting is among the things that make his work harder. The authorstates that 71% say that Trump's tweets hurt his agenda and only 17% think thathis tweets are helpful. Also, on a question whether voters consider Trump'stweets official statement, 51% said yes and 45% said no. the authors says thatamong Republicans, 21% approve Trump's tweets, 59% feel that Trump should bemore careful with his tweets, and 18% disagree with his tweets. More Democrats(87%) and Independents (75%) are more likely to say his tweets are hurting hisagenda, and only 53% of Republicans would agree. Also, more Democrats hold thatTrump’s tweets are official statements.

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